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My Son is DEAD!!




It was somewhere around the early 2010s, when I used to receive a Christian Monthly. Even though, I received it, I barely used to read it because I had many other important things to do (at least that was what I used to think). One day, when I had nothing to do, I opened this newly covered magazine to read so as to be productive with my boring time. As I kept reading the title of each article, I ended upon this one. I vaguely remember the exact story, but I do remember the outline of it because that story actually changed the way I looked at God. So, with few things added by myself, let’s get directly to the story. Please keep in mind that these stories are imaginary and the characters and places are just used for the illustration purpose.

A Happy Family:

There was a family in India who used to believe in Jesus Christ. The family was a small family of a husband, his wife and their 7-year-old son. They lived a pretty happy and peaceful life. A life, where they had sufficient amount of money for their overall expenses and for the basic saving plans. The husband was an employee of a company and his wife was a homemaker, taking care of their son. They all were happy with the life they were living and couldn’t have asked for anything more. Being a Christian, that’s all it takes to live a content life.

The Rise of a Deadly Disease:

One day, as usual after coming from home from his workplace, the husband sat in front the Television to watch News like every other typical Indians do. As he was switching around the news channels, he came upon an English News channel which was broadcasting a breaking news of a deadly disease that outbroke in a small village of the U.S.A. The news channel reported that the disease, when contracted to a person, he would die within 3 days without any symptoms. Not much information was available as it occurred in a small village with around 50 reported cases. After watching the news, the husband prayed for the people suffering from this disease at their evening family prayer. They later had their lunch and slept.

The Global Pandemic:

The next day when they got up, even the national news channels were broadcasting the reports of the spread of this disease. In just 8 hours, the spread was so rapid that it reached to the New York city and the current reported case were more than 5000. Many scientists and researchers were being interviewed to understand the full potential of this disease but due to limited time and resources, not much details were available. The researchers could only conclude that the transmission of this disease was through air & water and no serious symptoms are observed in the cases ending up with a sudden death by neurological breakdown.

By evening, the disease spread all over the U.S.A and all of them were in a state of panic. People were running senselessly, government and military trying to control the movements as people started to flee from the country. All the flight services to and from the U.S.A were cancelled and national emergency was passed in the U.S.A. Later the next day, the disease was reported in most part of the world including, the U.K., the U.A.E, China and Russia. Eventually, the United Nation announced it as a start of the Global Pandemic and passed some suggestions to their respective members to control the pandemic.

The Global Pandemic in India:

After the sixth day of the announcement of the Global Pandemic, the first death case due to this deadly disease was reported in India. Even though, many safety measures were taken to isolate the disease, the country was in a silent state of panic and fear. After 2 days, the deaths were reported in many parts of the country. Everyone was sitting at their home in front of the Television with a total lockdown across the country.

The scientists and researchers were clueless about this disease and had no idea of what to do to eliminate this disease globally. The death toll kept increasing as the days passed and the lockdown continued. All the existing medicines failed and the with the high rate of transmission the time was limited. All their efforts to create a cure was in vain. The desperation to find a timely cure was the need to save the human kind. It felt like this is the end of the world.

The Happy Family’s Dilemma:

The next day, the only son of that Christian family contracted this disease, and he was rushed to the hospital. He was admitted in the ICU to keep a check on him, but as there were no symptoms for this disease, nothing could be done. All they could do is wait till the third day. The husband called everyone of their friends and relatives to pray for their son. As the third day neared, the tension kept increasing and the pain of losing the son seemed unbearable. But nothing, could be done. On the third day, everyone of their relatives and friends were prepared for the mourning.

The Cure is here:

The third day passed, but the boy was alive. This was the first case, where a human survived the disease for the fourth day. The news spread like a forest fire and went viral. Many scientists and researchers immediately came to the hospital to this boy to understand this uncommon phenomenon. Upon a series of high technological testing, it was seen that the boy’s body has developed an antigen for this disease and therefore he was immune to it.

This was a day of world-wide celebration for the cure was found. Many well-known scientists and researchers discussed it in their news channels and started to give a scientific reasoning for this phenomenon. For the whole world, this was a moment of hope. All mankind can now be saved with the help of this antigen.

The Father’s Decision:

Upon critical analysis by the researchers, they found out something that was heart-breaking. They then called the father of the boy in a room for the discussion. They said that they have now found the cure, but to re-create the antigen vaccine for the whole world, it will take more than a year. And with such a high transmission rate, the world would be gone within 1 month. So, to re-create the vaccine, in a timely manner, they will need a large amount of blood. Draining this large amount of blood will lead to the son’s death. The father was dumbfounded!! “What!!” he said. But after realising the seriousness of the situation. He asked them let him meet his son once for the last time as he had to choose his son’s future.

He also requested the officials not to tell his wife about this situation because blinded by the motherly love she wouldn’t agree to it. When he met his son, the son asked him if he could go home. After listening to those words, the father couldn’t bear it and hugged his son and wept aloud. This was it; his last moments with his only son for whom he did everything for all these years. His son was confused and didn’t know what to do. The father came out seeing his son and agreed to to the consent.

The World is Saved:

After taking all the blood the boy had, the researchers used it to make the antidote for the disease. Within a week, the distribution of vaccines started on a large scale, making it available to all the people all over the world. Slowly, the cases started declining and the death tolls started plummeting. It took around 6 months for the world to get back to normal. Everyone was saved except for the boy. The family were traumatized because of loosing his son but they had no other choice. He was burdened and depressed about the incident. For him and his wife, the world came to a standstill, but the world resumed as it was before.

The Global Hero:

After a month, the father got a call from the United Nations, regarding the highest honorary award being given to his son. They were planning to organise the event on his son’s birthday and asked them to please accept the award on their dead son’s behalf. The father tried denying their award but many known world leaders urged him to come and receive it. So, he eventually agreed to it.

On the day of the event, the father was called on stage and was asked to sit with the prominent members of the UN. Many other political leaders and influencers were present to pay honour to the international hero. But all these audience were insensitive during the event. Some of them were talking and laughing around with each other during the event, many sat in a casual way without any respect, some were taking selfies and posting on Facebook while other’s had important calls to attend to. Some even had political rivalries and therefore were being cold to each other.

The Sacrifice Unworthy:

The father seeing all this was heart-broken. He saw the people even after getting the second chance to live, were the same as they were before. They had no regard for the boy who gave up his life for them. They still wanted to fight, wage wars and battles. The father couldn’t hold it anymore. As the host was speaking, he got up from his seat and snatched the microphone from the host and shouted, “My Son is DEAD!! My Son is DEAD!! He died to save you. He died so that you could live. Don’t you have any regard for him?? Just for his sake, can’t you stop fighting amongst each other?? Why are you making his death unworthy?? Did he die for nothing?? Then he fell on his knees and cried out loud saying, “My son is DEAD!!”


Yes!! By now you might have guessed it that this father in the story is a demonstration of our Father in Heaven, The Abba Father. This is the illustration of the Sacrifice of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. God gave his only begotten son, so that through his sacrifice, we can be saved. Yet we, claiming to be Christians, live an ungodly life. Many times, we do things which is not as per the scriptures. We do not obey God; we do not walk according to the word. This will be the exact same feeling that our Heavenly Father feels when he sees us living an unrighteous life. He would be saying to himself, “My son, whom I love more than anything was sacrificed for these undeserving people. And these people still don’t get it. When will they understand?”

Making God regret for the things he did for you isn’t a good idea. Jesus Christ took away our sins and died as a sinner, so that we can be saved and live an eternal life. But as the world is going down the road to hell, many of us get our minds corrupted with the worldly knowledge and perspective and each day trying to deny God like Peter did. Let us not be corrupted by the world-view but be stronger in his word and help others to receive Jesus Christ, as their personal saviour.



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